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  • 2012-02-25(Sat)
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PS Vita Eu/US: 
Some come up with a old firmware 1.06
SDK Internal 74994
Old security revision

Debug USB Mode by pressing specific button during the boot
Hold Power Button until your PS Vita it's turned off
, also
the PS Vita is on a standby mode that allow to charge your battery
with the USB Cable Hold power button + press 3 time PS Logo
until you see 3 beep blue light PS Vita, hold on and press
power on again
that put your PS Vita under safe execution mode ->
USB Debug level mode - Available
Hidden System Information by holding L/R + Left + Square for 3sec+ Start
under System information - Available
CMA Available finally on MAC OS -
that you can port on LINUX/NetBSD/FreeBSD to exploit the PS Vita support
(also Sony made the Mac OS version in 2012 that was based
on my works CMA Mac script release started in the beginning of
December when the PS Vita was in release in Japan)

Backup all your files PS Vita with CMA in your computer,
open the backup files with IDA that allow you
to do some interesting stuff ;)

More infos laterzzz



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